Oxygen is essential to the maintenance and health of skin cells.  With age, skin tends to lose its ability to utilize and retain oxygen within the skin. 


Regeneration and repair of the skin is simple with this skin pick-me-up that works quickly and optimal for daily use.  


The formulation's effectiveness is due to its ability to enhance the skins structural integrity by performing within the cellular level.  The stabilized liquid oxygen provides pure revitalization by attaching to collagen and elastin molecules, increasing elasticity and leaving the skin stronger and plumper in appearance.


Lavender, Chamomile and Neroli hydrosols combined with stabilized oxygen’s known wound healing and anti-bacterial properties, to improve blood circulation, accelerate cell rejuvenation, and assist with problematic acne. 


Benefit from daily use and gain long-lasting and similar results to that of an in-salon oxygen facial.

O2 Botanix Mist

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  • 100ml