Just when we all thought that the Marina’s Ambrosia’s décolletage oil could not get any better... guess what? It just did!


Nutrisse means ‘Nourish’ in Italian and that is exactly what this new luxurious formulation (now with Olive Squalane Oil, cold pressed Chamomile Oil, Wild Fig Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and a handful of our never-fail faithful oils), delivers.


Rescue your often-forgotten décolleté area with a luxurious and nourishing blend of powerful antioxidants and super-rich plant oils.


Help restore and maintain the fragile and exposed area of your body by including this treatment in your day and night skincare routines.


Outcomes are enhanced through the special addition of Olive Squalane Oil, a super anti-ageing agent, that contains powerful properties to assist in prevention of sun damage, increasing skin hydration and providing anti-inflammatory activity.


Exhibiting a delicate and subtle floral and citrus aroma profile, many of the oils within the formulation have natural sun protection properties, offering a combined sun protection factor of SPF60.

Nutrisse Décolleté Oil (Sapphire)

SKU: sapdecoil
  • 30ml