Hello!! Welcome to Marina´s Ambrosia. I do hope that you like what you see on our website. My name is Marina and I am the founder and owner of Marina's Ambrosia which came to life in July 2002.


This is my story..... I never suffered acne or had problematic skin as a teenager. My nightmare started when I hit 18 and started a proper 'Skin Routine'. I purchased a simple, but well known supermarket brand of skincare and after only 2 weeks of using it my skin erupted. The roller coaster ride continued as I jumped from one brand to the next, the cheapest, right through to the most expensive and nothing seemed to work. If anything, it got worse. My whole personality started to change, as I became increasingly self conscious, irritated and generally fed up with the burning, itching, continued breakouts and redness.


After the birth of my first child the only option was to go on medication and this is where I drew the line. At this time I was studying Natural Therapies and began to touch on additives and preservatives in food, skincare, hair care, water, environmental pollutants, plastics, clothing and hidden NASTIES in everything on the shelf.


Through my study and research I quietly experimented a moisturizer formulation. I used natural plant butters, oils and other plant ingredients which is scientifically proven to be the closest match to our own natural skin sebum. My theory was that if you give the skin something that it is familiar with, the skin will balance itself. Feeding the skin plant food will nourish the skin and sooth and heal problematic skin.... The results??


Through encouragement from friends and family I began to produce in quantities of 5 jars and it was a seller. I moved on to a cleanser, toner, eye product, hair products and the range has grown and till this day continues to go from strength to strength.


Marina's Ambrosia is natural skin food. #naturalskinfood 


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