After I had suffered from negative reactions to the chemicals in common commercial skincare products.  It was then in 2002, Marina's Ambrosia Products was formed.


This is my story.....

The nightmare began when I was 18 and had embarked on  a ‘regular skincare routine' using a well-known supermarket brand.  Within 2 weeks my skin had erupted.  I changed from one brand to the next, the cheapest to most expensive, yet nothing seemed to work.  In fact, things got worse and I became very self-conscious, fed-up and irritated with the burning, itching, continual breakouts and redness.  Medication was appearing to be my last hope, however that was where I drew the line....  


At the time, I was studying Natural Therapies and discovering the use of additives and preservatives in food, skin and hair care products, hidden NASTIES in plastics, clothing (and just about everything else on the shelf), and their detrimental effects on our body and the environment.  Through study and research, I began to experiment with developing a natural moisturizer formulation, that utilized natural plant butters, oils and other plant ingredients, all of which were scientifically proven to be the closest match to the skin’s natural sebum.  My theory...  "If you gave the skin something it is familiar with, the skin would balance itself.  Feeding the skin plant food would nourish, soothe and heal problematic skin."


The results??.....‘Natural Skin Food’ worked for me, and has since helped hundreds of others jump off the chemical rollercoaster and experience life with less problematic skin conditions.  Within 5 years, our skincare product range evolved and expanded to satisfy the growth in demand and the varying requirements of our customers.   Customers, who then began asking.. “My skin looks great, but I still want to wear makeup.  What can you suggest I use that isn’t toxic and as good as the skincare products?”  


And so, our Absolutely Pure, Raw Mineral Makeup range of products were developed.  Products including concentrated foundations so good for your skin you can sleep with it on, eye makeup catering to sensitive eyes and amazing Vitamin E and mineral-powered lipsticks.  Soon all were flying off the shelves, as word-of-mouth continued to spread and our products were recognized for their quality and benefits.


Today, we are proudly continuing to operate, research, develop and provide a large range of safe, natural, purely plant and mineral based makeup and skincare alternatives, that really work, are trusted by our customers and have them coming back!

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