Choose your combination of two signature hair care products, shampoo & conditioner gift box.
It is an ultimate gift of self-care for yourself or your loved ones.
	Unique blend of natural ingredients and essential oils to leave your hair smooth and silky
	Spa-like bathing experience to unwind and relax in the comfort of your home
	Stylish bottles as a perfect addition to bathroom decor
	Haircare set with shampoo and conditioner to promote minimalistic lifestyle

Our products are inspired by bathing traditions of ancient civilisation in Arabia, Japan and Polynesia.
Bathing Rituals
Hydrating formulation of Arabian Shampoo and Conditioner base notes of cinnamon and clove.
Nourishing Japanese Shampoo and Conditioner with benefits of mandarin, sandalwood and jasmine essential oils.
Rejuvenating aromas of Polynesian Shampoo and Conditioner infused with frangipani essential oil.

Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Box

  • Packed in Gift Box

    1 x Shampoo - 500ml

    1 x Conditioner - 500ml