Introducing your skin’s gym in a bottle…


Feed your skin transdermally with a fast-acting, nutritional and bioavailable solution of protein and collagen and loads of Vitamin E.


Collagen and Elastin are the main structural elements of our skin and are classified as proteins themselves.  Active skincare is a great way in which we can feed and nourish the dermis in a topical and isolated manner according to the area of the body we are focusing on. 


Our formulation promotes cell repair, regeneration, stimulating keratin production and inhibiting excess melanin formation, whilst protecting against sun damage and boosting collagen levels.


The unique mix of naturally gluten-free Rice and Quinoa proteins provides a valued source of nutrients which are rich with a full spectrum of amino acids, aiding moisture retention and skin flexibility and strength.


The inclusion of Marine Collagen promotes repair of existing skin collagen and elastin protein fibres, enabling the dermis to continue to build and thicken. 


Every application entices your skin to work, build and strengthen the cell foundations and barriers, makings your skin look and feel, fit and fabulous!

SkinFit Mist

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  • 100ml