Select from our range of concentrated special-blends of organic tea.

Prepare as a hot or cold brew
(see further info for ingredient benefits)


Immunity    (Orange, Ginger, Lemon)
Soothing and relieving.

A warming citrus beverage infusion, creating the sense of being in the comfort of your home on a cold winter’s day.  Rich with detoxifying properties to provide reinforcement to the immune system.  

PowerTox    (Green Tea, Elderflower, Rose)
Detoxifying and appetite-suppressing benefit.

The nutty/herbaceous and sweet floral infusion promotes sensations of positive emotion and self-nurturance, lifting the harmonious needs of the modern-day woman. 

Rejuv    (Grapefruit, Tangerine, Orange)
Purifying and uplifting, with a sweet fresh aromatic zing.

Loaded with antioxidants and natural richness from the ‘dynamic duo’ of Vitamins A and C, this blend releases essentials for healthier skin maintenance and regeneration, alongside regulating the digestion process.

Serotona    (Mango, Blood Orange, Passionfruit)
Feel-good vibes of a relaxing holiday.

A grounding, tropical tea infusion that keeps you feeling ‘chill’ and your endorphins activated.  Packed with nutrients for youth and vitality, every cup will feel like a new vacay experience.  

Organic Tea

  • 12 satchets