A new product with a tick of approval from various dermatologists and skin specialists. Foam and Soap Free...


The gel cleanser is now in the end of the trial phase and is being manufactured to our formulation by a Chemist. This cleanser is special as it is a gel liquid suspension tonic that is soap, butter and oil free.  Acne, dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and all forms of difficult skin conditions have more or less reduced significantly on this cleansing gel alone.


The gel cleanser is a powerful antiseptic which works by completely removing bacteria from the surface of the skin, whilst protecting active skin cells, draws impurities and free radicals from within the skin where black heads and white heads are detected, repairing present damage, restoring balance in the acid mantle of the dermal layers and enhancing cell turn over – all without dehydrating the skin and aiding gentle hydration.


Trials have also shown remarkable abilities for this formulation to also kill fungus as well! A very interesting bit of information here is, when under arms are washed with this cleansing gel in the morning and no deodorant is used during the day, no odor is detected when perspiration occurs! Hence, kills the bacteria on the skin, without stripping away essential sebum from the skin or damaging cells in the process.


This gel cleanser in particular is perfect for teenagers that are on Oral Acne medication which makes the skin very dry, woman that are on a skin peel program, young teens (both boys and girls) starting a skincare program, men in general that want a fast one product face wash and anyone suffering a skin condition as well as people suffering from Candida. This formulation is Vegan Friendly and pH balanced.

Acne Cleanser

  • 250ml

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