Now offered in an economical 500ml refill bottle….


A new soap free, clear antiseptic gel solution to assist in the fight against acne with a tick of approval from various dermatologists and skin specialists.
Specifically formulated as a gel liquid suspension tonic that is vegan friendly and pH balanced, effective but gentle to use.


Benefit from the combination of ingredients and their ability to protect and repair active skin cells at the cellular level, restore balance to the acid mantle of the dermal layers and enhance cell turnover without dehydrating the skin. 


Also assists in the treatment of other skin conditions including dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and sensitive skin types with feedback indicating these skin conditions have been reduced significantly with use of this cleansing gel alone.  If under arms are washed with this gel in the morning and no deodorant is used during the day, no body odour is detected when perspiration occurs.


Perfect for teenagers on oral Acne medication which makes skin very dry, women that are on a skin peel program, young teens starting a skincare program, men who want a fast one-product face wash and anyone suffering from candida.

Acne Cleanser

  • 250ml - Retail bottle 

    500ml - Refill