The ultimate razer sharp attraction, Mr Natural's very own Funky Cold Medina in shaving.


Formulated by combining very well researched oils that come together to create the perfect shaving cocktail that your skin will not only drink and be protected, but the hair also. Organic Shaving oil preps the hair for removal without any unwanted side effects before, during and after shaving.


Shaving oil is far more superior than any shaving cream, shaving soap bar and shaving lotions. Mr Natural Organic Shaving oil contains 6 organic plant oils that are rich in essential fatty acids with a high protein nutritional value, anti inflammatory, breakouts-redness-dryness-irritation prevention, antioxidant, moisturizing, wound healing and antimicrobial properties; all in the 1 bottle.


Benefits of this amazing blend of oils are:

* Allows for a much closer shave

* Optimal razor glide on the skin

* Reduced risk of cuts, nicks and scratches

* Reduces ingrown hairs

* Consistently smooth results everytime

* Provides soft and nourished skin without irritation

* Allows for visible shaping and modeling of hair (Moustaches and Beards)

* Secret formulation disperses in water leaving no residue

* Two in one product as an aftershave


What makes Mr Natural Shaving oil superior is the special formulation combined with black pepper essential oil and frankincense essential oil which DISPENSES completely in water. The combination of essential oils provides this product with a subtle masculin scent which is also favourable with woman and can also be used by woman as well on any part of the body.


Shaving will always be a pleasure with Mr Natural Organic Shave Oil

Organic Shaving Oil

SKU: Shavoil

Gently apply 3-4 drops to a dry beard and massage lightly. Allow for 1 minute for the oil to work its magic and proceed to shave normally. Tap the razor in the skin as you go to dislodge the hair from the blades or rinse in water. Tap well before shaving again. When finished, rinse lightly, dry and apply a further 1 drop as an aftershave.


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