Nutrisse means ‘Nourish’ in Italian and that is exactly what this product delivers.


Healthy skin maintains a balance of various lipid components which changes as you age, and this formulation works to penetrate directly through the skin’s delivery channels of the lipid layer. 


Nutrisse Emerald Visage Oil is a unique facial oil incorporating the latest advancement in anti-ageing skin care, an exciting patented super-ingredient, L22 which delivers the missing components and rebalances the skin to that which is in perfect balance on a healthy 22-year-old.  Hence the number 22! 


With a silky-smooth feel and amazingly fast absorbing with no remaining oily residue, this extravagant banquet of skin nutrition packs a powerful punch of antioxidants, micro-minerals, bioactive vitamins, bioavailable herbs, vegetable and fruit oils, to penetrate the skin directly via delivery pathways of the lipid layer, to aid regeneration of skin to be strong, hydrated, soft and protected.


Crowned with a unique blend of Pink Lotus, German Blue Chamomile and Blue Tansy Essential oils, your skin will be left extremely moisturized with a unique aromatic profile, enhancing the pleasurable experience of each and every application.


Nutrisse Visage Oil (Emerald)

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  • 30ml