Lady V Salve is one of our first products in our Nature's Pharmacy range to be retailed. It started out as a Naturopathic prescription balm made on request. However, due to the demand and continual manufacturing of this particular product, it will now be widely available and accessible on demand. The combination of these carefully selected ingredients has been paramount to the successful results that this balm has given. Each and every ingredient has been researched well and there is a lot of supporting documentation widely available about their functional properties and benefits. The usage of Lady V Salve is unlike estrogen and cortisone based vaginal ointments and lubricants where there are long term usage side effects.


Lady V Salve can be used twice a day morning and evening for dryness caused by menopause and can also be used as a personal lubricant. This blend of ingredients is also penis friendly.


Organic Castor Oil - Extremely moisturizing and acts as a protective barrier on the skin that will protect against harsh environmental conditions that is a anti-inflammatory and is an analgesic that relieves pain. Castor oil has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and has the ability to boost circulation.


Organic Olive Squalene Oil - Found in olives this oil has strong anti oxidant properties for a start. Olive Squalene smooths and softens the skin and penetrates the skin very easily as it is light. This oil enhances elasticity and protects against moisture loss by replenishing the skins moisture barrier aiding acid mantle balance.


Organic Jojoba Oil - This oil needs no introduction as it is well documented that this oil is a match to our own human sebum. Jojoba oil has anti inflammatory properties that repairs and protects against chaffing, chapping and irritation. This oil reduced redness caused by drying and calms the skin and keeps it comfortable. Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E and B complex vitamins making it a super ingredient for skin repair and damage control.


Organic Cocoa Butter - This plant butter is extremely high in fatty acids and further adds to its appeal due to its ability to nourish and hydrate the skin. Cocoa butter improves skin elasticity and moisture control providing a barrier for the skin to lock in moisture comfortably in the most sensitive skin areas. This plant fat contains natural plant compounds called phytochemicals that themselves maintain water balance in the skin and stimulates matrix-associated proteins forming a chain reaction of healing and protection.


Organic Jojoba Esters - This ingredient gives the balm a glide effect and soft texture to the formulation as well as added skin protection. The Jojoba esters not only are an emollient but they aid softening, moisturization, and conditioning properties added to this particular formulation which combines well with other protein oils.


Organic Candilellia Wax - This particular wax is a hard wax and pulls all the oils together forming the balm and allowing it to go a long way. As it is generally a hard wax it excellent emollient and skin protective barrier agent. Aids to lock in moisture for longer, thus aiding to create a thicker formulation. This particular wax gives stronger adhesion to the vaginal walls even after discharge or sexual activity.


Organic Caranuba Wax - Hypoallergenic and super emollient wax works in union with Canilellia wax. Caranauba wax is a wax that has extreme softening effects both on the skin as well as giving the finished formulation a glossy look to the final product. Not only used for the esthetics of the overall product but further acts as a backup adhesive agent for the Candelillia wax. Ultimately these two waxes form a strong bond.


Organic Pomegranate Seed oil – The oil from Pomegranate is naturally anti inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial and replenishing. It works effectively through fast absorption deep in the epidermis repairing and moisturizing due to its high concentration of natural fatty acids and Vitamin K and E.


Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil – This oil in particular is rich in Vitamin E and is a deep hydrating oil that aids to maintain optimum moisture levels in the skin to the point of plumping the skin. Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil contains carotenoids, which in turn acts as a protective for the delicate skin and preventative oil which contains 12 times the amount of Vitamin C than oranges without disrupting the pH value of the skin. This oil is naturally high in amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals.


Organic Hemp Oil – More and more positive skin benefits are coming about with this oil. Hemp oil is rich in Vitamins A and E, allows the skin the breath and aids in balancing the skins natural oil production. This oil works harmoniously as well as compliments the mix with all the plant oils in this product.


Organic Calendula Oil – A well recognized oil that is famous for its optimal healing properties for all modalities of medicine. Calendula oil is anti fungal, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Calendula oil is soothing and can be used on very delicate skin from the sensitive to the super sensitive. It’s a general go to oil for skin repair and fast healing.


Organic Coconut Oil – A oil that requires no introduction or too much explanation. Coconut oil reduces inflammation, hydrates skin, heals wounds, naturally anti bacterial and when applied to skin, forms an antibacterial barrier. Great moisturizing oil that is rich in essential fatty acids but again doesn’t upset the skins pH levels.


Please read futher the Directions of Use and In Cases of Irritation.


Lady V Salve

  • 30gm

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