It has taken a lot of time but the Body Konjac sponge is now avaliable.


Roughly around 12cm in length and 5.5cm in width this vegetable sponge is a wonderful body exfolliant without any discomfort from painful bristles. The Body Konjac sponge allows a very pleasent washing experience as you can use it without the addition of any gel product as it is just as effective used by itself. For people with exzema, psiorsis and flakey skin conditions this sponge will not further irritate the skin but enable a gentle and effective exfolliation of the already loose and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.


It is completely optional but a bodywash can be added to the sponge without reducing the effectiveness of the sponge and if using a gel body wash it is advisable to use a plant based one. Chemically based body washes may damage and quickly break down the Konjac fibers quicker than what they would normally do if they were used with plant based washes or by themselves.


The charcole infusion draws impurities out of the skin which is why at this stage I have decided just to infuse the Body Konjac sponges with charcole. Keep your Body Konjac hygienic by hanging to dry with the attached string.


Make your shower time an experience..... not a routine!

Body Konjac Sponge


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