Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Strength.


This specific mix is a naturopathic botanical formulation, for the purpose of hormone balancing and stimulating inner strength. When your hormones are off beat, we sing to a hugely different tune! Transdermal absorption in a warm bath is amazingly effective especially when there is a blend of active magnesium which also includes Dead Sea Salt and Organic Coconut Milk.


This mix includes the impurity pulling Kaolin Clay. A boost of coconut oil finely coats the skin as it carries safely the essential oils into the mix. Essential oils need to be incorporated into salts with a glycerol and fatty acid for safe usage of the essential oil especially for sensitive skin.


The organic essential oil used is blend are:

Frankincense- Regulates estrogen production and supports the menstrual cycle.

Ylang Ylang – Promotes the active release of serotonin and has a calming and lifting effect on the mood.

Grapefruit- Balances mood and relives stress.

Clary Sage- Stress reducer, anti-depressant, hormone balancer, powerful mind calmer and reduces feeling of heightened anxiety.


A visually appealing, colour therapy of white on white with the white salt and organic coconut milk powder represents safety, positivity and goodness.


A beautiful transdermal meal for your body during times of hormonal imbalance. So much active thought and medical education has gone into our Greek Goddess inspired bath salt range.


There is a prescription for every kind of therapeutic bath soak you require!

Athena Bath Milk Crystals

  • Up the anti with your own mix. Using Marina's Ambrosia wooden bowl and spoon, blend any two or three different types of salts for your own personalized hydrotherapy.

    Add three heaped spoons to the bowl for 1 bath session. A stronger dose can be achieved with up to 6 spoons. Blend two or three of your favourite prescriptions in the bowl and activate your bath.

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