This particular treatment mask is an IN SALON TREATMENT only. 
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This 24K Gold product is manufactured and exported supplying to United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Europe. Contact for more information. Our 24K Gold is genuine and NOT an immitation.


This 24K gold leaf absorb mask was released in Japan in 2006. These same sheets have been manufactured by the original and approved for use cosmetically for the elite 24K gold absorb facial. The facials conducted using these genuine sheets are not a cheap facial and the results are instantaneous.


Consumer Caution - Beware of salons using immitation sheets. Marina's Ambrosia 24K Gold Sheets are genuine and of the best quality, made to strict standards.

24K Gold Leaf Absorb Mask

SKU: goldlf
  • What's Involved?

    • Firstly, your beautician will perform a deep cleansing; steaming and exfoliation treatment to prepare the skin for the gold leaf application. The skin is required to be completely clean, warm and moist. This insures all the pores are open and thoroughly clean. Marina’s Ambrosia skincare is recommended for use during this treatment as both the gold and the skincare work harmoniously with each other being that they are all 100% pure, and natural raw ingredients.
    • Your beautician will then apply a soothing toner spray using Marina’s Ambrosia Rose Spritz all over the face. A generous application of AntiOX serum will also be applied so that the face is extremely moist.
    • One sheet at a time, your beautician will apply 8.5cm squares of 24K Gold Leaf to your face until your whole face is covered. Usually each face will require 6 sheets. There may be some slight overlapping. The gold will be sprayed again lightly with the Rose Spritz again to latch onto the skin.
    • The mask will need to remain on the face for 30 minutes.
    • The gold at this stage is completely solid on the face. Your beautician will soften the gold by spraying with the Rose Spritz and with hands saturated with the AntiOX serum, in circular motions the gold will be massaged into the skin. Right before the eyes the gold will start to disappear into the skin going right down into the deeper layers of the epidermis. This is where the gold starts to work its magic by invigorating the skins own collagen production and firming the skin, heavily reducing wrinkles and fine lines, brightening up the skin and giving the skin a natural rejuvenation.
    • Ensuring that all the gold has been absorbed into the skin, more Spritz can be added to the skin and AntiOX serum so smooth over all the gold pieces. No moisturizer is required and make up can be applied immediately. Results will be seen immediately after the facial (to you) and overall results will be quite visible 24 hours after the facial. Your skin will have a luminous glow to it and feel extremely firm and visibly plump. The gold will continue to work actively in the skin for a good 30 days from the date of application.


    Your salon may have on offer other packages which will include the neck and chest area.


    NOTE - This facial is recommended to be done every 2 months. However, if you feel it necessary, it can safely be done once a month.