This is an extremely active, intensive serum which can be used both day and night for fast results. The 3 top ingredients are extremely absorbable and are invited through the epidermis with great ease enabling skin repair, stimulating collagen production, line reduction, pore shrinkage, smoothness and hydration among other benefits to the skin.


Use morning and evening after cleansing and toning around the eyes, face, neck and décolletage. This serum will absorb very quickly and only 1 pump is required. As this serum absorbs very quickly and follow on with an MA moisturizer and Aloe Eye Lift Gel. 


Our own trials have given extremely positive results where the skin has started to transform and radiate from day 14 of using this serum twice a day

    Super Serum (30ml)

    SKU: supers

    Contents: 30ml


    The Super Serum is used for an anti aging program which consists of:

    Avocado cleaner, Rose Mist, Retinol serum, Super serum, Age Stop and Aloe iLift Gel.


    The Retinol serum is applied first and then the Super Serum on top of it as both serums work harmoniously together. 


    Sunscreen needs to be applied to the face in the morning after your moisturizer as this is the most important anti ageing product you can ever use as this prevents further damage to the skin as well as premature aging due to sun exposure.


    We highly recommend either Eco Tan or ROC spf 30 (ROC spf30 is made in France and we import this product – It isn’t natural but it is the only formulation that people who can’t stand sunscreen, can use as it is a very light fluid sunscreen which is fast absorbing)




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