Smokey Eyes, Betty Davis Eyes or Eye of the tiger, if you are after a dramatic look that means business, Midnight Black is essential if you wish to achieve that look.


The colour black is associated with power, elegance, formality, mystery and prestigious when making lasting first impressions. The colour black is also a hidden colour, a veil more or less that creates a defined boundary between your eyes and the people around you. It is linked to secret knowledge and concealment. Hiding of feelings, separating oneself from the world? Midnight Black is the colour of power and intimidating in a sense that it shows that the person wearing it is setting themselves apart from others, indicating strength and discipline by giving the wearer of Midnight Black an air of superiority.

Midnight Black - S055

SKU: s055
AU$22.00 Regular Price
AU$5.02Sale Price

Contents: 1 gm


There are no nano-sized particles or micronized particles, NO talc, fillers or any harmful and chemical blend powders in ANY of our Absolutely Pure Mineral Makeup range (or in any MA products) so that you can rest assured that your makeup is safe in application and all day wearing. Our pigment particle size is regular, hence a more impact colour and long wearing. The minerals used in our products are mined in Australia, France and northern Spain (hence the quality, concentration) and the price is reflected on this.


Dealing with suppliers whom have direct contact with the mining companies, helps to ensure that fair trade practices are being exercised and proper raw material testing is being conducted. Therefore, on receiving our raw material, it enables us to ensure product consistency, accurate blending, an unmatched quality product.



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