This is a bulk size of 1ltr Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel manufactured cold pressed and gelled with the addition of a plant based preservative to bring you REAL Aloe Vera in a convenient, tub accessible to you. Aloe Vera is actually, naturally CLEAR in colour!


Hand extraction method was used in creating this product that is now a wonder product for summer. You can use directly on your face, neck, arms, legs wherever sun exposure has left its mark. There is no fragrance to this product so are able to add your own additional touches with essential oils or vanilla essence. Raw Aloe Vera Gel can be used on children of all ages and the skin feel is very inviting and encouraging to keep using it.


Not only will the Aloe Vera provide cooling to the skin, but soothing from irritation, bites, stings, sunburn (accelerates the healing of burns) and dryness due to its high water and trace mineral content of the healthful plant compounds. Aloe Vera itself has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and has the ability to improve skin and prevent dehydration wrinkles.


A fantastic product to keep alongside your Organic All Over!

Organic Raw Aloe Vera Gel (1L)

  • 1 L