There are many different bath bombs on the market. Marina's Ambrosia is not a brand that "Recreates", we are a brand that "Innovates". I love bath bombs. Especially this particular one! Each one was hand crafted just for you.


Due to their technical manufacturing methods and unique (at times difficult to acquire) ingredients made it hard to manufacture at a bigger scale. Due to a strong demand for more bathroom products with M.A formulations, I present you with our very own therapeutic Organic Bulgarian Rose Bath Bomb.


This particular bath bomb is unlike any other bath bomb. It contains a very special mix of ingredients.


Included in our bath bombs we have added real Dead Sea Salt that we bring in from Israel. Dead Sea Salt is well documented with the array of skin benefits that come in soaking in the salt as well as the benefits to the lungs inhaling the steam which carries with it micro minerals from the salt itself.


There is a blend of cocoa seed butter and Shea butter that boosts the moisturization in the skin during soaking. As Shea is an excellent source of Vitamin A and E being for skin repair and an anti inflammatory, when teamed up with cocoa seed butter which contains powerful antioxidants, skin healing has never felt better in the bath!


To stimulate the senses of sight and smell, there is Aromatic Organic Bulgarian Rose Petals and Organic Bulgarian Essential Oil which are both not only luxurious and rare ingredients, but in themselves have wholistic health benefits to tantalize your senses.


The final ingredient that excites me about this product is the Australian Rose Rugosa Flower Extract. This powerful extract has astringent properties which helps to tighten skin and pores. It has the ability to target distended capillaries and reduce redness and inflammation. Australian Rosa Rugosa contains up to 65% phenylethanol which makes the flower and extract itself extreme antiseptic potency for controlling skin diseases like cystic acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.


Finally it is all wrapped up in a coated layer of Vitamin E and ready for you to say "I deserve this".


Best teamed up with a glass of bubbly, chocolate and berries, ALONE!


(Herbal tea is ok too if the mood takes you)


Organic Bulgarian Rose Bath Bomb

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