An all-over body moisturizer for all ages... Your transdermal skin therapy... A raw cream alive within itself, containing no fragrances, preservatives, additives, essential oils, or any hidden nasties.


Luxuriously thick, super-hydrating, unisex, skin nourishing cream, created using low heat to retain maximum encapsulation of the nutritional and therapeutical values of the ingredients.


Helps keep skin healthy, hydrated and aids repair.  The high concentration of Vitamin E is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving no greasy residue.


Formulated for problematic, sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin.  Safe to apply to scars, sunburn or damaged skin and rashes.


A multi-purpose cream that can be used as a:

  • Pre-wash hair treatment mask,
  • Bodywash and bath cream,
  • General face cleanser and moisturizer,
  • Shaving cream or post-shaving skin recovery tonic,
  • Barrier cream to avoid chafing and dryness,
  • Handwash,
  • Soothing cream for cradle cap or irritated and inflamed skin.


Aroma and Massage Therapists can use as a base cream during treatment therapy.

    Organic All Over Raw Cream

    • 500ml  / 1L (tub with no dispensing pump)

      500ml Refill pouch (For use alone or topping up pump bottles)