A Blemish Balm, Colour Corrector, Dynamic Do-it-all, and Primer maestro...
Camouflage skin imperfections and nourish the cells with plant extracts and form a shield from harmful UVA and UVB sun damage.
Buff is a medium colour tone to suit most skin colours and Porcelain is a very light colour tone for fair skin. You can manipulate the shades by mixing both colours together and adjusting with your choice of moisturiser and darkened with your Sunkissed bronzer!
A fragrance-free, lightweight formulation that allows for breathable skin and provides a perfect base for all makeup application without irritation.  As always, plant and mineral based only!
Unisex, teenage to adult use, suitable for all skin types and skincare and makeup routines.

Natural Camo Cream

  • 30ml