At Marina's Ambrosia we believe that your products should be multi use and all our products have been created and formulated to do just that. Our new product Natural Camo Cream is no exception. 

This product is a BB, CC, DD Cream as well as a primer all rolled into one product. The colour tone is medium so it will suit most skin colours but the beauty of this colour tone is that it can be lightened with your choice of moisturiser and darkened with your Sunkissed bronzer! 


Completely fragrance free (meaning no essential oils either), Natural Camo Cream will suit males from teenagers to adults as well. Natural Camo Cream camouflages the skins imperfections whilst nourishing the cells with plant extracts and shielding the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The actual feel of the cream once applied is very light with a cotton soft finish to the skin. It's the perfect liquid base for raw, loose mineral make up.


Natural Camo Cream is a light, moisturising and effective camouflage cream with multi use for all skin types and skincare/makeup routines. As always, plant and mineral based only!


Natural Camo Cream

  • 30ml

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