A fast, no fuss cleanser with a golden ingredient... MORINGA OIL....


A gentle, non-drying, easy to use, foaming cleanser, encapsulating the essential natural ingredients for a nourishing, skin loving, thorough skin cleanse.  A perfect pH level of 5.5 will not leave your skin feeling dry or irritated and can be used as an over-bodywash for extremely sensitive skin.  
Hailed as a "Cure for all", Moringa Oil has been shown in testing facilities to offer positive results for a number of skin ailments and is particularly suited for sufferers of acne and dermatitis and those with oily skin.


For use by the whole family.  Proven to be a favourite among teenagers and people who want a fast and no fuss cleansing product, and males as it “does the trick” without irritation and doubles as a shaving gel for them. 


Moringa Foaming Cleanser

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  • 120ml