Here, at Marina' s Ambrosia we understand how little time there is to spend on ones self and that is why we have developed a dynamic masking solution made from the universally renowned Hyaluronic Acid!

But wait there is still more!..... This fabulous product can be used in two ways which saves you time so that there is NO downtime or any guilty feeling when treating your skin.

Hydra Fusion mask is so gentle yet so intensive that you can use it everyday if you wanted to. Masking, aids in the repair and maintenance of your skin by re-hydration through deep conditioning as it contains generous amounts of Hyaluronic Acid as well as Collagen and Vitamin E.


This dynamic mask has been formulated to put the force of these incredible ingredients listed below, encapsulated in a jar, from our hands to yours!


Your skin will glow with radiance (without being pregnant!), by not only drawing out impurities from the skin but also brightening, renewing, hydrating, and strengthening skin elastin and collagen stores.


Your skin will drink the love you have given it!!!

Hydro Fusion Mask

SKU: hydrofm
  • Contents: 100ml


    Masks should be done on a weekly basis, ideally twice a week for optimal results.

    The marriage of carefully selected ingredients, which are still baffling experts, still finding amazing results of fruit antioxidants, amino acids, aloe extracts and vitamin C are proving to give amazing skin renewal results and an array of anti ageing properties. Coconut Glycerine and Rose extract compliments the formulation giving the skin soothing and calming effects as the cell renewal, rejuvenation and hydration reactions are occurring through the skin with compliments of the HydroGel Fusion mask. 


    Option 1
    After cleansing in the evening, use your Miracle masking brush to apply a fine film of HydroGel around the face, around the delicate eye area (yes you can do that with this mask), neck and chest area. Gently with clean hands massage the gel into the skin but allow the gel to remain slightly damp on your skin and leave it on there. In a short time, your skin will soak up this extra moisture and you are free to leave this mask on your skin for the whole night and yes sleep with it on! During the night, the skin, like your liver, works overtime and it starts to respond to the active ingredients in the HydroGel Fusion Mask. In the morning, wash off the mask with  lukewarm water and follow on with your Rose Mist and your favourite Marina's Ambrosia serums and or moisturizer/s.


    Option 2
    After cleansing with your favourite Marina's Ambrosia cleanser, apply the HydroGel Fusion mask with your Miracle masking brush and take a load off your feet. You can continue to do your jobs with this mask on your face without any negative effects. After a minimum of 30 minutes, go ahead and wash off the mask using only lukewarm water and follow on with your Rose Mist and your favourite Marina's Ambrosia serums and or moisturizer/s.

    Always shake before each use as there are no dispersing agents in the product. After cleansing, apply the mask with the Miracle Masking Brush* to your face, also applying directly under the eye and around the eye area. (YES you can do that with this mask!!). Feel free to apply also to the neck and chest (for a deluxe masking regime). Can be left on the skin from 2 minutes to 15 minutes depending on each individual (we are all different and unique) as to how quickly your skin reacts to it. Once a tingling sensation is felt, remove the mask by wiping with a tissue, then rinsing with lukewarm water. Follow up with Rose Mist and Primrose Moisturizer.

    *Miracle Masking Brush is available online in the Skin Care range.

  • Distilled Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin E, Coconut Glycerine, Rose Extract, Vitamin C, Allatoin Plant Extracted, Aloe Extract, Seaweed Extract, Fruit Antioxidants and Amino Acids

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