*This formula is part of the TGA Exemption Determination of 2020 which allows us to sell to health care professionals without a TGA Liscense/Product Approval.


Moisturizing Clinical Strength and 100% Australian Owned, made, packaged, labelled and sourced. Our Sanitiser contains double the standard moisturizers and anti skin splitting barriers.


A fast acting, broad-spectrum anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for use throughout the day to fight against and kill germs and bacteria. Our formulation has additional quality moisturizing ingredients to counteract the drying effects of alcohol and minimize imbalance in the skins acid mantle.

Australian Eucalyptus essential oil has been selected for this product due to its support of the respiratory system, powerful anti-microbial properties and being hypoallergenic.


If using product often throughout the day, it is advisable to replenish the hands with a rich moisturizer before bed.

Hand Sanitizer

  • 250ml