There is always testing going on with new botanical ingredients and whilst most botanicals do amazing things for the skincare, there are few that do remarkable things and now there is another botanical that is hailed a skin care breakthroughs.


It seems that there are anti-aging properties locked inside the unassuming fern plant. In now various medical journals and articles it is now written by Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick at Harvard University, after much research and testing he co-developed the patented Fernblock™ Technology (Polypodium Leucotomos Extract).

Fernblock™ is an extract from a Central American fern known for its unique photo-protective abilities. After research and testing the findings were that that the fern was able to adapt and evolve with much success from its beginnings of an aquatic plant to a land based plant over millions of years and develop through its cells and structure the ability to protect itself from sun damage successfully. Fern extracts have been trademarked and patented as Fernblock is;

  • A powerful antioxidant.
  • An anti-cancer agent.
  • An anti-bacterial agent.
  • An anti-inflammatory agent.
  • A protectant of skin architecture; collagen, fibroblast and skin-cell protection.


Both acne-friendly and sensitive skin friendly, Fernblock™ is also a protective agent from the effects of UV Radiation that can reduce the visible effects of photo-aging including:

  • Sun Burn
  • UV Sensitization
  • Photo-damage
  • Erythema


At this point in time the skin care industry has been slow to wake up to the merits of the fern extract in skin care formulations, consumers will soon notice that this is about to change. I have been following the research and development of Fernblock sunscreen SPF90 with great enthusiasm.


I was elated to say the least when the use of Fernblock in science-based sunscreen gave the results that was anticipated. Testing on a variety of different types of skin and under different environmental conditions affirmed that it was ideal for every skin type it is particularly effective and well tolerated for those with highly Sun Sensitive Skin or for those whose skin-health is impaired or recovering.


Fernblock provides very high UVB & UVA protection and contains an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that is extremely supportive of good skin health. Those who suffer from acne, oily skin or even dehydrated skin find the SPF90 pleasant, effective and easy to incorporate in everyday skincare routine.

I myself have tried it over the past 12 months and put it through its paces intensely at one point after being in the sun for 4 hours. My face and neck colour remain unchanged, however my chest, shoulders and back told a different story. I haven’t suffered any breakouts, irritation or the feeling of heaviness/oilyness throughout the day.

Fernblock SPF90+

  • 50ml tube