New research has highlighted an interesting fact about good old bone broth. It’s the stock made from bones that is boiled over 12 hours until the marrow and soft bone disintegrate into the water forming a powerful bone soup. Latest research has uncovered super anti inflammatory properties of this soup as well as...... (you’ll love this) soft tissue and cartilage rebuilding, therefore also making it a powerful anti-aging food. This can be added to soups, stews, rice, curries, casseroles or eaten alone.


As this is completely flavourless, I add it to my coffee in the morning. There is a new powerful powder that is just that, pure grass fed organic bone broth, spray dried powder that you can keep in the fridge. Add only 1 tsp to your bowl or plate of food in the evening is equivalent to 9 small bowls of bone broth, which gives significant repair to the connective tissue and cartilage in as little as 2 months. This powder can be added to stews at the end of the cooking process at 1 to 2 tbs per pot for the whole family. Glucosamine doesn’t even come close to what this can do. 

450gms of this Collagen Body with fortibone contains bone strength structuring bioactive Collagen peptides. Retail you would expect to get this for $69.40 online but wholesale for you for $39.95 as I had one off special order.

Collagen Body with Fortibone

  • 450gm