This is your anti aging superstar!


‘C’ – Lixer is an ultra antioxidant which will smooth, brighten, replenish and protect the skin.


‘C’-Lixer contains Vitamin C strength of 50% potency. Blended with other natural ingredients, aids to the stability of Vitamin C in the formulation.


As small and fresh batches are made weekly just enough to fit the weekly demand, the ‘C’ – Lixer is extremely active and potent from the time the bottle is opened until the last drop is used. Results have been noted in as little as 48 hours with a few reports seeing results in as little as 24 hours.


Depending on your skincare program, ‘C’ – Lixer can be used morning and evening

    'C'-Lixer Serum (30ml)

    SKU: vitc

    Contents: 30ml


    Recommended by highly qualified aestheticians, the C-Lixer is to be used on day 2 after skin needling treatment has been done as the healing process accelerates and the collagen production intensifies. The healing will be in much shorter time frame when using C-Lixer.

    C-Lixer is a great product to use after IPL skin rejuvenation treatments for quicker skin turn over and epidermal recovery and stimulation.


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