When you want that down-to-earthy look!


Apricot blush is a matte colour that finishes off your makeup look beautifully. The colour itself is an earthy apricot but won’t leave your cheeks looking yellow as it is made with a brown base. A promise of an all natural formula we keep to you!


All natural formula, no fillers, no paraben, no chemicals, NO WORRIES!


Even when you sweat, your skin will continue to breath and the Mineral Makeup will still look fresh.


Blush - Apricot

SKU: blushap
  • Contents: 10gm

    SPF Rating: 15

    There are no nano-sized particles or micronized particles, NO talc, fillers or any harmful and chemical blend powders in ANY of our Absolutely Pure Mineral Makeup range (or in any MA products) so that you can rest assured that your makeup is safe in application and all day wearing. Our pigment particle size is regular, hence a more impact colour and long wearing. The minerals used in our products are mined in Australia, France and northern Spain (hence the quality, concentration) and the price is reflected on this.


    Dealing with suppliers whom have direct contact with the mining companies, helps to ensure that fair trade practices are being exercised and proper raw material testing is being conducted. Therefore, on receiving our raw material, it enables us to ensure product consistency, accurate blending, an unmatched quality product.

  • Iron Oxide, Mica, Ultramarine blue, Zinc Oxide, Sericite

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