Now with newer, advanced plant technologies and a new name…..If you loved our Walnut polish and Agefreeze Bamboo Exfoliant, you're going to fall head over heels for our Enzymatic Exfoliant.


A true skin treatment essential… A deluxe facial and personal aesthetician in a bottle. An epigenic water-based exfoliant, providing nutritional transdermal therapy for optimal skin health.


Contains a powerful banquet of nature’s enzymes work to deep cleanse pores and accelerate cell rejuvenation (up to 5 times faster than previous formulations), laying the foundation for an array of anti-ageing, clear and healthy skin outcomes.


Suspended in a rich, 100% natural additive-free cream, this salon-strength advanced formulation, incorporates a soft-beaded scrub with exfoliating plant-based extracts, chosen, sourced and delivered from botanical technologies on offer by fruits and their natural acids.


If you want a mini peel, you have it all here. Just leave it on your skin for 1 minute and massage off!


Rejuvenation is the key to younger looking skin. Yes, off course, it’s natural to look as young as you feel!

Enzymatic Exfoliant

  • 100ml