The Walnut polish has had an upgrade.


If you enjoyed the Walnut polish, you are going to fall head over heals in love with the Agefreeze Bamboo Exfoliant. The formulation is the same - BUT with new research that has come to light has indicated that there is a NEW material that is more effective and much better on the skin than the walnut abrasion. The advancement of technology and unlocking natures gifts is exciting and it gives me great pleasure to bring them to Marina's Ambrosia Products at an affordable price.


This new upgraded exfolliant now has lab extracted fruit acids developed in France and have been studied and hailed as SKIN FOOD. These new ingredients fit well Marina's Ambrosia skincare formulations being Natural Skin Food. The abrasion used is fine organic Betroot Red and Blue Berry Electic Blue European Jojoba wax.


This new formulation uses the previous formulation as a base, minus the walnut polish with additional ingredients to further enhance the efficacy of the polish. Not only will this product just exfolliate, but it acts as a mini peel, reboots the skins natural acid mantle, cleans and shrinks the pores and increases cell turnover 5 times faster than previous formulation.


Suspended in rich all 100% natural, additive free cream, are generous amounts of European abrasion and Natural Skin Food fruit acids. Gentle on the skin, yet effective in the removal of dead skin cells, this new formulation will be your magic eraser and brighten a dull complexion as well as increasing the circulation to your skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines as an added bonus. If you want a mini peel, you have it all in one jar.. Just leave it on your skin for 5 minutes and massage off!


Rejuvenation is the key to younger looking skin. It’s natural to look as young as you feel!

Agefreeze Bamboo Exfoliant


Contents: 100ml


After cleansing with your Avocado facial cleanser, apply a generous amount of walnut exfoliator to your face, neck and chest using the Miracle Masking Brush. In circular motions gently exfoliate your skin (avoiding your delicate eye area). Walnut exfoliator may be used morning or evening 3-4 times a week, at your leisure. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water and follow up with Rose Spritz and your choice of Marina’s Ambrosia eye products and Primrose Moisturizer.


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