Snap Lift Eye Gel is a line-erasing, 350 Dalton count, gel made with premium encapsulated epigenic actives for the delicate eye area. Unique botanical stem cells are fused with patented super anti-ageing peptides and skin purifying ingredients that work together to brighten, hydrate, plump, firm, lift, regenerate and revive the delicate eye area.


Snap Lift Eye Gel contains a powerhouse of actives and new release peptides yet to make a noise in the platinum ranges of Skincare. We have it right here and its affordable. Organic Aloe Vera, Hylauronic Acid, Snap 8, Apple Stem Cells, Argireline, Vitamin A are just a few powerful anti-aging ingredients in this line erasing gel for your delicate eye area that really works, without the chemicals! Argireline itself is a group of powerful peptides responsible for diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in a short amount of time due to the amount present of this amazing chain of amino acids in the product.


Prevention is better than a cure, the earlier you start using an eye product the better. Snap Lift is amazing for all over the face as well. A must try even if just once!!


Cooling, firming, eye quenching gel therapy. This product firms the eye and lightens dark shadows, cools, hydrates and revives tired eyes and reduces puffiness.  Snap Lift not only will cool the eye area and be used around the lips as well but also aids the facial muscles to contract with less force, freezing the skin and erasing fine lines. Super active peptides, active oils, proteins and now cutting edge stem cells from Apples are all contained in the 1 product.


NO COLOUR, NO PERFUME, NO NASTIES and is a regular favourite.   


Use on acne spots and all over face for after sun treatment with confidence of no irritation.  Have a look at the list of ingredients and be pleasantly surprised!!



Snap Lift Eye Gel

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