I went a little over the top when it came to the massive wholesale sale on these diffusers a while ago and then I forgot all about it.


There is only 3 in brown and 3 in the light colour.


These diffusers go for 12 hours and and have 7 colour LED lights which you can fix or let rotate. I find these very relaxing. All you need to do is fill the cavity with water and add the essential oil of your choice. Personally I like to keep mine going in the areas of the house that we mainly occupy and that is in between the kitchen and the family room.


This is a very powerful electric diffuser and you have the option to set it with the 4 timer options and it will turn off by itself.


I guess you can call it the smart diffuser. I like to use a blend of Star Anise and Turmeric one day and then use Aroma Shield blend by Oils of Origin every other day to keep the airborn bugs at bay. There is nothing like having it going at night with the lights off and a nice candle on the side.

550ml Remote Control Diffuser -Wood Grain Look



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