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24K Gold Moisturizer Gel is an optimal anti aging moisturizer which can be used for a superior anti aging skincare routine. After the cleansing and toning morning and evening, apply super serum both morning and evening and the 24K Gold Moisturizer Gel to follow this serum. Another way is to do a triple serum application and that is to use 2 drops each of ‘A’-Lixer, ‘C’- Lixer and Super Serum. Mix and apply to the skin and follow on with the 24K Gold Moisturizer Gel.

24K Gold Moisturizer Gel

SKU: goldmoist

Contents: 60gm


After cleansing and toning both morning and evening it is important to prepare the skin for the 24K Moisturizer Gel as it has a lot of very active ingredients in it. Apply Rose Mist to freshen the skin and any other serums from your choice of Marina’s Ambrosia active serums best suited to your skincare routine. Apply a small amount of 24K Gold Moisturizer Gel, dotting a small amount around the eyes, forehead and the rest of the face. Gently massage into the skin ensuring that all the gold particles have dispersed and dissolved into the skin. 


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